Price Adjustment for Existing Customers


I contacted customer service via chat of course. Long wait. Wanted clarification that I would not be charged the same $40 monthly that I’d been paying when new pricing tier is $40 or $45. They couldn’t answer my question so they created a “ticket.”  
Been a few days with no resolve. 
Anyone else have this question? Has it been resolved? 
I don’t have a 5G phone so I just need the new $30 plan. 
I canceled my auto billing option until reconciled. 
Anyone in the same predicament?


You just have to sign up for the new plan in the app it's easy and simple as long you don't update to the new network you gonna be paying the old price.

I don't recommend you upgrading at this time seems like many users have issues while update rather wait a week or 2

Not everyone can switch through the app. Visible is aware of this and they are working on a solution. 


Yes, same issue here. Chat service "tried" to help but admitted they are having a problem with folks trying to switch from the original $40 plan to the new, $30 plan. The service rep expected an "Upgrade" option to appear within the app but it did not appear anywhere. I too was promised a resolution but it has been several days with no feedback from Visible.



You are with Visible on Partypay plan? If yes you can upgrade to either $30 or $45 plan.

Once you make the switch you cannot come back to the party pay plan $25. It is a one way route.


I think you can go from $30 to $45 plan immediately and you would be charged pro-rated for the days remaining on the bill cycle.

But you cannot go from $45 to $30 plan immediately it would be effected from the next bill cycle.


Source: Visible Terms and Conditions


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Me, too!  I’ve been trying to switch to the $30 plan, chatted with multiple representatives, posted a screen shot several times on social and all they say is they are aware of the problems some customers are experiencing trying to switch and they are working on it. 

Update-I downloaded the latest APP for my iPhone (it's a first gen SE...not so new :>) and there is now an option to switch to the new plans. However, when I select this option it fails complaining about my iPhone (probably too old) and suggests that I engage in a CHAT session. I decided to join a group and my fee for this month dropped to the $25 group rate. I am happy with this solution right now as I have not found any "down-side" to joining a group.