Programming Errors on


There's a major flaw on when signing up. 

If your current carrier forced you to use special characters in your password, you cannot sign up properly on  When signing up on, it will ask for your current carrier's password, and when you try and type in special characters as part of your password, does not let you.  It's a programming error.  A flaw.

And, if you sign up on Visible anyway, expecting a reasonable amount of help with the password issue, help will not come to you.

The computer programmers at should make it so, I can go to my profile, and type in my current carrier's password using special characters.  So that I can transition from my current carrier (Pure Talk) to Visible without disruption.  I cannot afford to NOT have phone service with a loved one in critical condition. 

If they do not do this, I will sign up with Mint Mobile (or Spectrum) instead of dealing with this focking nonsense.


There is also another programming error on 

When submitting that "Pure Talk" is my current carrier, the next page displays that "Verizon" is my current carrier.

The computer programmers at should make it so, I can go to my profile, and fix this issue as well. 

Fixing these issues is not difficult.


It really doesn't make a difference for visible from what carrier you're porting in it's all the same system, and regarding porting in a number if you can't put 

 in the right pin you should put it in a fake pin and when it comes to activation you should contact support and give them the correct pin and they will update it for you


If you mean the porting PIN, they try to reset with your current carrier and then try with Visible.

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