Promos cancelled?


So I saw the free Beats Studio Buds and $300 gift card promo on Nov 27th and ordered an iPhone 14 pro because of those deals. I received my phone today and transferred over my old phone number and now I’m not seeing either of those promos anymore. Did both of those promos happen to end today because I swear I saw advertisements for them just earlier today before I got my phone number switched over. I didn’t see anywhere when I bought the phone that there was an expiration date for the promo or that it could be expired after you purchase their service and phone.


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The promos change on a regular basis and from what I see every 3 to 4 weeks. From the threads lately I think these promos are a hoax since it seems like there have been a lot of posts about customers not getting the promos. You will find out after the 3rd billing period if you will actually get it. Good luck!

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On your account - overview page, does it list any promotions? I have had my account nearly 2 years, and the promos (which I did receive) still show on that page.