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I am still not able to connect to my service. My new visable phone still says SOS and there are no bars. I had visable service on my iPhone 8 and received this iPhone 12 today and still can't connect. My service is paid and shouldn't be having this issue.


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If you are on the legacy plan make sure to upgrade to the new Visible or Visible + plan or your new phone will not work.

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Is that just iPhones. I bought a new android phone, still on the old plan, when I transferred my SIM it did say SIM not recognized at first but then the network connected on mine. Only reason I have a newer phone is because when we have to change plans, whenever that is, my year old phone shows not compatible and I wanted to make sure I was ready for the change when they make us switch.


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You need to contact customer service. This is a peer to peer forum and Visible will never respond here.