If I get two friends to join will I get two months at $5 or do I have to space them out to each month



Yes. If you get two people to sign up using your referral code visible will only charge you $5 one month and then $5 the next. That is exactly how it worked for me. 

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Hi Bertizimo,


I see you have already received an answer to your question (jimjrfl was exactly right).


I assume you have already signed up as a customer with visible. If you have not, you can also get your first month for just $5 by signing up as a friend to an existing customer (with code 366999S or 36BDQH2, for example), plus you'll want to join a party to lock in your $25 per month pricing (I joined this party:, which has over 11,000 members)...then if you refer friends with your own code you'll get the $25 (or $40 if you have not joined a party yet) reduced to $5/month for each referral up to the first year.


I hope that all helps and welcome to Visible ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.


I explain all of this in some detail here: ( ) if you'd like more info.