SMS/WiFi Calling = No Success, MMS= Semi-Success, Voice/5G Data = Great Success

Novice III

WiFi Calling doesn't work.

SMS doesn't work. Can not send/receive text messages.

MMS works 50/50. Can send, but can not receive.

Voice & 5G Data work 100% (full bars signal).


Got in touch with CS Chat and was asked to do the "usual":

Reset Network Settings, take SIM out/in, reset phone, restarted phone, make sure Data roaming was turned off, et cetera. Got a Escalation# and waiting for a reply.


Such a pity, because Voice & Data are very good.



Hope you get a quick reply from the escalation number.  Be persistent, and if they are able to resolve it, please report back what the issue was and the steps you took, it could be very helpful to others on this fourm.

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Oh that's sad to hear, what mobile device are you using? Have you tried using a different device. Was it fruitful?


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Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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Novice III

***  UPDATE ***

It seems the device used to sign up, isn't compatible with Visible (S21 FE 5G).

Probably will buy a S22 Ultra in the near future; in the meantime, no SMS/MMS.

On the good side, WiFi Calling is working now. 🤓


3 out of 5 is good enough for me... Voice, 5G Data & WiFi Calling.