Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Dropped Calls


So I recently made the switch from a n Apple to a Samsung Galaxy, the S20 FE model. From the day I got it and moved my SIM card to it from my iPhone I have had a random issue. I can be anywhere with full service or on WIFI calling and the phone will drop a call, wont let me call out, wont send texts, for about 1 to 2 minuets. I have tried reinstalling the SIM card, reinstalling the OS, and just about everything else I can think of. I have also noticed when working with tech support some of the options they want me to check, like call forwarding, don't show up at all as options on my phone. 


Anyone else have this issue or have any advice? 


This unfortunately seems to be a problem with Visible.  I drop calls semi often with Visible.  The only question is when will I get tired of it.

Again this goes to the poor cs.  They should know what options are grayed out.  They don't terrible customer service.  I have had Visible and cricket You aren't seeing some of those options because Visible doesn't let you see them.  Why CS is asking those questions is beyond me.


I have this same problem. Were you able to find a fix aside from changing carriers?


Same problem here... so you guys are saying that doing a phone factory reset did not resolve the issue?  I was planning (and dreading) on trying that next but if it's futile then I'll just look to switch to a different carrier... or maybe get a different phone if I can find a good deal.