Sim to esim


I have an iPhone 8+ with a physical Visible SIM card and would like to add that phone number to an iPhone 13 as an eSIM number. When attempting to transfer to the new 13 iPhone it states that I am not able to because it is not supported by Visible. What am I doing wrong ?  Thanks


I don't know much about iPhones or eSIM but since no one answered this, is the phone a US model and is it unlocked? You can just move the pSIM to the 13 it should work. I believe you have an IMEI number 2, have you tried that for compatibility.


Please check with your carrier if iPhone 13 device is network unlocked. If yes then you could transfer the iPhone 8+ visible number on to that iPhone 13 as an eSIM. If your device is NOT network unlocked then you wont be able to transfer.


If you were attempting to transfer to eSIM to iPhone 8+ device itself that is not possible as that eSIM technology is not supported in the iPhone8+ device.



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