Still be charged The protection service that I canceled back in August 2021, every month since.

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I canceled my protection plan back in August of 2021. Every month since then they have charged me for my protection plan anyways. Every month I sit for 2 hours waiting to talk to agent about fixing my problem and getting a refund. Only two of those months did I ever get a full $10 refund. All the other months range from $6.45 to $9.67. only one time but they allow me to have that refund credited to my account. The other times they always said they had to put it back on the credit card that I used which is amazingly those were the months that they did not refund me my full $10. Now this month I go to pay my bill and I had another friend referral, mind you I have brought a lot of people to this company, And I see that my bill which should have been $10 is $20. I assumed it was the same monthly BS with the protection plan still not being completely canceled, and I went about my usual routine which is sad I should not routinely have to contact customer service monthly to fix my bill, Just to be told that my service plan had been raised from the $30 service plan to the $40 service plan. I do not know anybody in Mexico I am not from Mexico I do not need the $40 plan so I can have this service for calling to Mexico. As far as I'm concerned is just another way for them to charge me the extra $10 they want to charge me this month. Then customer service thinking I'm not so smart tries to tell me I only get $10 off or a friend referral until I inform them that I screenshotted my account billing. Now every month before this they have pretty much been able to fix my issue and get that $10 knocked off and refunded (well not quite $10 most times) I've been asked to pay my bill multiple times because it's due today, and then they will fix it they say. No that's not how it's going to work this time because I do not refund me my full $10 I will not pay my bill until they correct my billing. Am I the only one that has dealt with this. Now I have to sit and wait longer than who knows how many days for specialized customer service to contact me through email and let me know they fix my account. I have always come to visible's defense on Facebook and all other social media where I see people bashing them I even come to the defense of their customer service. I have been with this company for 3 years. I deserve better. I told customer service there will no longer be a problem with my friend referral not being fully paid because I will no longer refer anyone to this company.


Just get a new card to block the payments and make them crazy for refunds


Did you receive the cancellation confirmation email from visible for the protection plan? 

Have you read the fine print, saying the protection contract was to pay for a certain months before you are obliged to pay?


You can reach out to Visible one more time and request them for refund. If not contact the credit card issuing bank for charge back.

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