Still being charged for old account and never received SIM Card


I recently noticed that although I had switched to the new plan for $30/month, I was still being charged the old amount. When I read more on my account, it looked like a SIM card was sent out but my wife and I never received them. Now, I've already wasted hours this whole weekend trying to chat with support on the site and only got disconnected. Then, Facebook messenger was the only place where I got a reply after several hours.


Now, after countless hours trying to resolve this but the only advice I was given from Facebook chat was to place an order again for another SIM card. But I can't even place an order since my plan area just says "You'll remain on the Visible unlimited until you activate service with your new SIM card, then you'll be on the Visible plan." I've tried changing on the web and app.


I've been a customer for 2 years now, and I've had all I can take. I need this resolved and want a refund for the extra I was charged.


You can dispute the charge if they don't help you 


When I’ve downloaded an eSIM it’s been listed in my billing as a SIM with my shipping address and FedEx shipping.

I tried switching to eSIM just in case it could work but I'm prevented from doing anything since it says I still have an order I'm waiting to receive with the new SIM.

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Welcome to the club! Exactly my experience - SIM never sent and phone isn't capable of eSIM. Still being charged the old amount under Party Pay @ $25 per month - still receiving the old plan so no charge to dispute. I'm not going to dispute being charged $5 less than I should be at this time. This has been going on since August 17. If I were being charged the new $30 I'd be disputing it on credit card with a click of a button and explanation. Can't get them to send me a SIM - so went to the next best thing.

Bought prepaid Visible kit with SIM at Best Buy (it only took 3 days to ship to store), used a different compatible phone, created new account and followed activation instructions to the letter. On restart when directed, emergency service only and phone is not registered on the Visible network. APN looks good - wouldn't matter anyway many newer phones are now preventing APN updates or adds; I do know how to do it by rooting but refuse to break my phone warranty by doing so.

So here I sit with one phone working and the other not - was hoping to do a side by side comparison to determine best course of action for now. Order fulfillment and SIM activation should be the easy part.


Same thing for me. I switched to the $30 a month plan but am still getting charged $40. I left ATT because of spotty service, Verizon works much better here but I didn't want the huge cell bill again. Appeared to be the perfect solution. NOT! I am on chat, once again. I don't use FB but that appears no better. I have send numerous Tweets that get few replies. If I do get a reply it is for the information that I have already sent. Someone new with different initials replies every time. I think they use a random letter generator. I contested last months bill by showing AMEX a pic of my account. I don't want to do that every month.