Switching family from Verizon to Visible


Hello, what is the quickest way to switch 4 phones on a family plan from Verizon to Visible together porting our phone numbers over?  -Lara


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Superuser Founder

That depends.  Are your phones esim compatible?  If so that would be the quickest way.

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Superuser Founder

For me the thing that took the most time was the porting of the number over from Verizon to Visible.  I do not think e-SIM versus physical SIM would have mattered much.  If you are not keeping numbers then yes, E-SIM could be same day service.


I do not think you can have multiple phones on one account on visible, so each phone would have to have its own account on visible.  Which I believe means unique email address.  You can use the same method of payment on all accounts, but there would be a transaction for each account.

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