Text msgs still using temp phone #?


I just started with VISIBLE a day ago. I brought my own phone, brought my same phone number and chose to use the E-Sim because I needed service immediately

My phone calls work using my old number BUT when I text family now it comes up under the TEMP phone number that VISIBLE provides initially ..WHEN DOES THAT CHANGE?! OR what step am I missing? 



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Disregard prior reply, I see you're asking specifically about text messages - haven't finished my 1st cup of coffee yet.

FWIW, you'll find alot more users that have experienced that problem over at the Visible subreddit & possible solutions:


It's much more active over there (albeit much more contentious exchnages) and you can even privately message customer care over there.

Why Visble offers direct message of support in third party forums and not its own community is beyond my pay grade. Khoros (the software used here) supports it - maybe thet're getting ready to abandon this community altogether due to a lack of activity - perhaps when the Khoros contract expires, who knows?


If you were using iPhone, I just responded to the another post. Please check:



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