The great deal is not great if my speeds are less than 2 Mbps


Lately - if I am not using WIFI - my wireless speed is often less than 1 Mbps - and almost always less than 2 Mbps.
If this is not improved - I am moving on to a different provider.
Who else is experiencing this issue?
I have a brand new Pixel 7 Pro.


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I have been with Visible for 16 months and that has been an issue for me but only during the day to early evening. It all depends on the congestion of users on the tower you are getting your signal from. Verizon deprioritizes non customers at times of congestion.


With that said I have noticed in the last month and a half that my speeds have increased during the day a little. Before I would see less than 1mbps during the day but now I get between 5 to 15mbps during these hours. Off peak hours I used to get upwards of 40mbps down at times but now during these early morning hours I see around 25mbps. I will note that I am still on the old plan and we only have 4G LTE in my area, no 5G. I also hope the speeds I have been seeing lately don't slow back down on the new plan but I don't see why they should. Another thing I will point out that my hotspot during the early morning hours were never capped but lately it has been so my laptop will only see 5mbps. What was worse was when my speeds were less than 5mbps on my phone I would only get about 1/3 speed through the hotspot. I talked to support a year ago about this issue and was trying to figure out why I was seeing such low speed through the hotspot and the agent told me this is normal because the phone is using some of it to run.


It might help your situation if you were on 5G and maybe take advantage of the new Visible+ plan and you would have 50GB of premium data which is not supposed to deprioritized but it still leaves you with a hotspot speed of 5mbps.

I do not use it as a hotspot, and if I would, it would have been unacceptable. I spent some time today with the Visible support. I reset my network settings, and my SIM card was refreshed. Still, the performance is unsuitable.
I was supposed to wait until tomorrow for their support to figure it out.

I will, and if they cannot fix it, I am switching!


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Are you on 5G or 4G? Just curious. If you have 5G have you considered the plus plan since it seems like a decent deal with premium data since they don't deprioritize until the 50GB of data are used. For me the plus plan is useless since Verizon does not have 5G in my area yet and at the rate they are upgrading the area I am guessing a few years before I will see it. 


Hope you get it fixed.

There is no 5G here... 😞