When in hotspot mode, my Visible phone(Samsung A145G) will get up to 29mbps down and 18mbps up. Any device connected will get only average of 5 mbps down and up. Any other user seeing this? Oh, no 5G connections.


Intermediate III

Mobile hotspot speeds are capped at 5 Mbps, with detected video streaming at a speed typically suited to 480p quality (around 2.1 Mbps) .

Depending on phone (typically iPhones) hotspot  usage is limited to a single device at a time. Visible seeks to transmit video downloads or streams to smartphones at 480p for all plans - i.e. the throttle detected video streams. The key word there is "detected" - not all video streaming is detectable and in some cases other activity may be falsely detected as video streaming.

It's also described under the plan details at - click on the Get all the details button for each plan.