Total Monthly Charges


Putting aside taxes and fees, is there a $20 smart phone monthly charge similar to a current plan I have?  I'm trying to figure out if the $40 is really $40, or if there are other charges I'm not aware of.  Again, I know not including taxes and fees, etc, but I'm trying to be sure my bill isn't going to be $60 or $70. Thanks.


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There are no extra charges.  Everything is included already in the price quoted.


Do join a party though.  Any large party will do.  You share no details with anyone it is completely anonymous and you end up paying $25 a month all in.  It is a no brainer and everyone should do it. You just select party pay when logged in a join one of the suggested large groups.  


You basically have three possible monthly payments with Visible:


$40 - if you just join Visible


$25 if you are a member of a party


$5 if someone uses your referral code


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