Traveling in Spain france 2024


Hi! I will be traveling in spain and france in 2024 and wanted to find out if there is an option besides daily global pass or buying a local eSIM. 

with my previous carrier there was a per gig charge. 

can someone confirm and the per gig cost or other costs? 


 With Visible the plus plan and Global pass is the only way to use your phone normally, there is no per GB cost, you enable roaming and Global pass and once used a $10 fee is charged for that day(I believe that is how I read it works). Only other option I have read about is to set up and turn on wi-fi calling before you leave and don't turn it off when you get there. You need to be on wi-fi at a hotel, or wherever you can get wi-fi, for it to work. Not sure how it works for calling but if you are on Reddit visit the Visible page and maybe ask their. 


Always getting a local sim for tourists would give you the best value. It depends on how long your stay is going to be (which is unclear from your question). For me, I would be okay with enabling wifi calling in US before I leave. I would get calls and texts when I connect to wifi. This wifi calling service is free.



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