Visible is a fraud and I fear for all of our security.


Strap in because Visible is taking me for a ride.


Once upon a time, I was a mint mobile user. I wanted to try a verizon network when my contract was up and decided on visible because it's cheap. I signed up for visible, for whatever package the $30/month is. I received a confirmation email saying, congrats, here is your new number! And I felt panic, because I did not want a new number, I wanted to keep my old one. So via chat, I asked Visible if I could go back and use my old number. They said if mint mobile released my number, then no, I had to have a new number. So I chatted with mint mobile. They said they still have my number (albeit no more service, because my contract was expired.) I said great! So, chatting with both Visible and Mint Mobile, I ported my old number in. I downloaded the SIM for visible and everything was great. For three months! I watched my paypal/Navy Federal card get charged every month for $30. I had service. Internet was mediocre but c'est la vie.


I don't remember which of my emails I used to sign up for Visible, my .edu one or my .gmail one. I may have signed up initially with one or the other or maybe both because I kind of cancelled that initial sign-up. I only receive emails of confirmation on my .gmail one.


A few days ago, my service ceased to work. Sure I could text and call and access internet, but only through the internet. Thankfully, I could still do all of this with my current number. Today, I received a text that said "text messaging service has been denied." That's not good. So I went to the Visible app. It doesn't work. I open it, connected to my home internet, and the loading bar just won't stop spinning. So I get on my laptop and try to log in. My .edu email is autofilled with a password, so I just log in with that and am hit with the "your service has been terminated." So, I open a chat and start talking to Visible.


They say, they have released my current number. They say I have not paid for service once since I signed up in August (I have bank statements that say otherwise.) They say I have never ported a number in. I gave them my .gmail address and they say that they don't have an account with that email. I give them the "new number" that they initially gave me in august that I don't use, they say they don't have any record of it either. They're just arguing with me.. I mean don't tell I haven't paid, when I'm staring at a statement. I paid on November 15, 2022. 


Now. I'm not a Karen. I don't complain. I still tip 20% if they forget to remove the onion and add ketchup anyway. I don't modify my starbucks drinks. I am not a pain. And truly, I would probably just pack up my stuff, forget this all happened, and make an account with mint mobile today. Maaaaybe I'd back-charge my card for the November payment. But that's almost too confrontational. IF ONLY THEY HADN'T RELEASED MY NUMBER. No warning. The only number I've had since I was 13.

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Not that it matters, but I have a google pixel 6.



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If you had service and everything was working for 3 months you had to have paid for it because Visible is a pre-pay monthly service, no payment no service. If you did auto pay what ever email address they sent you when they draw payment is the account you would have had on file for the number. You got a total i d i o t(tagged for bad word???) for an agent and when you were on chat you should have asked for a supervisor, you might not get a supervisor but you might get the next tier person that might have more knowledge and actually know what they are doing.


I have been with Visible for 16 months now and so far I like it and you can't beat the price. I have had to use chat about a half dozen times and last year I would say it was a better experience than using chat this year. Last year 20 minute wait times, this year 45 minutes plus. Last time I just used Facebook messenger(they ignored me on Twitter) and it was just as fast. Only beef I have with Visible now is that with the new plans we have to switch to(still on the old plan yet) the phone I bought here last year now shows not compatible with the new plans. I contacted chat and that didn't get me anywhere other than they are working on adding as many phones from the old list as possible but how hard are they actually working on it. You think it would be as simple as pulling all IMEI numbers from their account database and adding them into the new plans but think they are just trying make more on selling you a new phone from them to an extra buck. 


Good luck!


I feel your pain. We tried switching over my number from Republic Wireless to Visible that used to be our land line YEARS ago and a few years ago, we transferred it to my cell phone. For about 3 weeks my number was floating around somewheres because they could never figure out how to switch it over. My old phone I could make calls with, but not new phone that we bought from them I could text but not call from. I was stuck between two phones. Finally, the number got transferred over, but then all of a sudden, I lost all texting capabilities and no phone still. So I have a phone from them and paying for a plan but cant call or text now BECAUSE they cant finish the activation BECAUSE  I cant receive their verification codes via email. The emails never come through. I have been on the Live Chat with 3 different assistants and hours of back and forth and they cant figure anything out and are adamant that they can not proceed forward until I get the verification code.

I am also feeling like they are a scam and wont ever be able to "fix it". What a mess of a service. 

Was with Visible for a few years and recently 1 of my 4 lines stopped working (no data, no text, could only make and receive phone calls).  I spent 5 days on chat (because that’s the ONLY form of support they have) with them telling me to clear and reinstall an eSIM 15+ times.  They just kept having me do this over and over while telling me they needs to escalate to a specialist who just sent me an email telling me to clear and reinstall an eSIM again while closing out my ticket as fixed.  I went to Apple and they tested my phone and found no issues (iPhone 13 pro Max less than a year old) and I swapped SIM cards to make sure they worked in my phone. I also downloaded an eSIM from my account that had an issue on another phone and same issue.  I couldn’t get them to look at my account and fix it from their end. They were just set on the problem being with my phone. I finally pulled all 4 accounts and moved to T-Mobile yesterday.  Worst customer service ever. 


Thanks for expressing your concerns about it, sometime we are neglecting these type of issues and it's harmful for us. So you need to do proper research before getting any security plans or something else. Furthermore you can also visit website and get different type of ideas about it. 


I was charged twice for a phone by affirm even though my order was cancelled. Visible is a scam. They got me for $76.00.