Trying to reactivate service and buy a new phone


I'm trying to buy a Visible phone but I am having a little trouble.

In January I bought an Android phone and started service with Visible as a BYOD.  I could not get all services working on the phone and I had an upcoming trip so I returned my phone to the seller, cancelled my Visible service and reactivated an old phone with my previous carrier.  A few weeks have elapsed, I have returned from my trip and I am trying to set up service once again with Visible.  Through the Visible website I selected a Motorola phone to buy and was asked to sign-in to proceed.  A popup message informed me that my service was cancelled and asked if I want to reactivate it.  I click reactivate but it re-iterates that my service has been cancelled.  I attempt to chat with someone and connai says its connecting me with a live agent but no agent ever responds.  Eventually, the website times-out and I get the message, "Error: Server Error.  The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.  Please try again in 30 seconds."  Repeated attempts to re-start the chat (or just visit the Visible website) result in the same error message.  From the Visible Facebook Messenger page I attempt to start a chat asking for help but I never get a response.

How can I get a live human agent to help me resolve this issue and (re-)activate my account and buy a phone?  Thank you.



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Do you have another email address you can use? It might be easier to just open another account with Visible going that route.


Wow, Facebook messenger didn't work? I have had the best luck on FB with them getting back to me for questions. I see now their page says replies within 1 day and it used to a few hours before and I have had responses any where from 3 to 45 minutes. Chat takes time and I never use the app, I go onto the website and go that route but it can take over an hour in line waiting and you have to keep checking so it doesn't time out or possible miss you spot. There is Twitter DM, the icon can be found bottom righthand corner of this page, but the last time I used it 10 days and no response but that was for questions I had so I gave up on Twitter.


Hope you get it straightened out.