Trying to switch from visible to visible plus


I would like to switch to visible plus, the $45 plan.  I can find nowhere to do that.  I have tried to get on live chat for days and it never connects. Help!!!!!



Intermediate II

I’m sorry to say that until they fix the “flaw” which doesn’t allow everyone an option to switch plans we’re pretty much stuck with what you have.  I was actually able to chat with someone last Thursday who opened a ticket for this very problem.  He sent me the ticket number and told me if there were any questions I could contact them by chat again. 😂😂😂


Open the Visible app on your phone.  At the bottom, there should be "Home," "Shop," and "Account."  Click "Account."  Right under "Plan," there should be an option allowing you to upgrade your plan.


I have the $45 plan on my iPhone 14 PM.  Under the "Plan" category, there is an option for me to downgrade--if I so choose.




PS: The above is assuming you have the new $30 plan.  If you are still on the legacy Unlimited plan, the procedure would, of course, be different.  If my memory serves, I think the option to change to either of the two new plans is at the home page of the Visible app.

The option to choose a plan isn’t showing up for everyone.  I have an iPhone 11 and the option to pick a plan was on the opening stream for a day or two, but when you click to view the plans it errors out and tells you to contact customer care to resolve. I’ve never had an option anywhere else on the app.  The last time I got through to customer care they gave me a case number but told me others were experiencing the same glitch and they’re “working on it.”