Unable to reup my account or pay



I opened a new account using my mozmail address instead of my original e-mail address which is locked out and stuck to my previous account.

When I go to make a payment the app complains that there is a problem with my payment method, PayPal. So, I added the new e-mail address to PayPal and still it doesn't work.

I than spoke to support through chat and was told to go into incognito mode and try paying that way online instead. Yet, when I do that the payment is greyed out and it says I have a pending e-sim at the top of the page in red and to go back to the app to complete the transaction. They than told me to post here and someone would help.

I've spent hours trying to resolve this with no solution.

I'm pretty sure the problem is at your end. When I originally tried to do this I went to my original account and made the PayPal payment with no problem, but it would not activate a new e-sim saying the account was terminated.

He asked me to post a screen shot... there is no way to upload a pic here... apparently not allowed either.

This is exactly what it says above "My bag":

"You have an eSIM order in progress. Please resume your order on Visible's app or contact Care for help. Learn more"

Let me know whats up. Thanks.