Upgrade from Visible Unlimited to Visible Plus

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Using a physical SIM, has anyone successfully upgraded to the new Visible Plus plan from the old Visible Unlimited plan? I've seen many posts by those who experienced abject failure, and I wonder if there is even one single success story to report.


It looks like all the failures were with eSIM, I am not sure but this is how it looks from the community

lol no. Hundreds or people with out service, who have new pSIM.  it makes no difference. eSIM seems to give folks even more troubles. (just read the Visible subreddit) I myself, new account, new service line (for second phone) and 3 days now, no data connection. Support keeps telling me my top priority escalated case is being worked on by their specialist, and will get update in 24hrs. For many other customers, they been getting that same response for over a week now.

Your calls and text work if yes that means your APN settings has to be adjusted

APN settings are correct according to Android device.

What APN settings do you have right now? you can find the APN settings on your Android device by going to: Settings> Mobile networks> Access point names


If you have iOS go to: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network.


Try editing it to 'VZWINTERNET' than save it and make sure it's selected and restart the phone that should resolve the problem please let us know if it worked

There is no APN settings on iOS as you describe. According to Apple that will not show up if carrier does not support it.

I put the sim unto my old Pixel 3 and there it shows the APN and VZWINTERNET, but nothing more can be edited.  guess what, still no data connection, ! over LTE bars, everything just times out fails to load. have strong LTE 4G signal. On the iPhone full 5G signal too.  Been in contact with several other users over on reddit with same exact issue. not on our end but Visible.

Like i said, those further options are NOT there . That may be an old support article.  Same with iOS 15.6.1 and 16 beta devices.  It says, if those options are not there, contact your provider.


they are not there even on my primary device still on the $25 party pay plan.


I have been trying to fix my service for a few days.  Since I updated my plan I have had no service.  Support doesn't know what they are doing either.  

Did they escalate it to the higher department! It looks like a back end issue 

File a BBB complaint. they have to respond publicly to those. Seems to be the only way to get any direct attention to getting ones service working.

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I haven't been successful but for a slightly different reason. I haven't got the new physical sim, status once showed that it hadn't shipped yet. Yesterday woke up to the order having disappeared completely and now no way to upgrade to either of the new plans.


New today... no mobile data, no internet and now stuck with old provider who I was trying to replace. After the first month on Visible I was sorely tempted to drop T-Mobile. Since the 8/17 attempt to upgrade experience I'm rethinking that strategy, particularly when no mobile data or internet when on Visible. Visible may well be "the future of phone service" but for me it's starting to become not ready for prime time.


Not all the failures are eSim related and the Visible Reddit comunity is much more active than his one.


Time to jump back into the lengthy chat queue...

I do not use social media it's a time waster I dropped it a long time ago 

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Then what are you doing here then? 😀


Social media isn't limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc. I don't even use those. Even Reddit is but guess where the Visible reps send you for support? Here. In a nutshell, social media are web-based platforms that allow users to engage with one another. They only become more than that if there is active engagement by the owner of the site.


This is social media simply limited to Visible - it's powered by Khoros  and is  limited to peer to peer support of common issues (the very definition of social media). We can't solve technical network issues, only Visible can. But your right, this is time waster.


Where do you go for technical support when needed? Chat? Even that's tier 1 support with little chance of breaking through to true technical support.


All I really know right now is I'm sitting here with a Samsung compatible phone that has no talk text or data on the Visible Unlimited plan. Glad I didn't drop my old provider and used a backup compatible phone to evaluate Visible.

many people have no luck with physical sim, my self included. Some have no service at all, some just calls and texts.  Even new customers, have issues. 

What happens if you put the old SIM back in? I'm thinking that might restore service on the old plan. Another thing is that I read on the reddit thread that a solution that works for some is to put the old SIM back in, power up the phone, power the phone back down, put the new SIM back in, and power the phone back up.

Do not have old SIM, is NEW line, new customer account. new device.

I need for second phone service.

Won't touch my current legacy line can't risk it getting messed up.

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Where is the administrator of this Visible forum? Clearly there is a serious problem of subscribers being stuck with no service after attempting to upgrade to one of the new Visible plans. Why is there zero communication from Visible on this, not even acknowledgement of the problem?

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Exactly. Having an extensive background in IT software development as well as network administration, I'm well-versed with the challenges in technology transitions. I'm even patient but what's s concerning here is not even an acknowledgement that there are issues.


I'm pretty sure the admin of this forum is only a social media moderator with no technical responsibilities, limited to maintaining decorum and providing public announcements. This community provides a good opportunity for Visible to keep folks informed of wide-spread issues and should be used as such


But the lack of any public acknowledgement when there are wide-spread issues will quickly lead to a lack of decorum as folks  grow more frustrated.


Not sure if my lack of mobile data, text and phone is related to the attempted upgrade (without any new SIM) but it seems to be more than coinky-dink at this time


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Lost my service today after upgrading to the new plan on Monday. They tried a new eSIM, nogo. I can text but no calls (error about restricted) nor data. Waiting on some 4 hr email response. 

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Goodluck, I'm on hour 52 of my 4 hour wait, no phone, no mobile data but can text (SMS only). Another futile Chat this AM.


Just curious, when you login to your account do you get a message that says Oops!  Something is wrong with your account and then directing you to contact via chat?

Well, that sucks...no everything looks good when I check my account. I'm thinking about porting to Mint

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My loss of service has been resolved, account page is resolved, and appears I now have to re initiate the upgrade process - a small inconvenience and glad to have service back and function. But going to wait until things settle down a bit.

Did your restoration of service entail switching back to the old SIM/eSIM, or are you using the new one?


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No, I never actually received the new SIM. With my account access restored I can now upgrade again since the original order has now dis-appeared. I couldn't upgrade again while the order was there. But I'm going to hold off for a bit. For now it appears I'm back on the Visible Unlimited Plan and even had to rejoin original party because that was lost also. It's almost as if they somehow switched me to the new plan without my having the new SIM. Payment history shows a number of credits/debits that make it look as if the cancel the service then reestablished it to fix it.

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I'm considering two possible "safe" ways to upgrade to Visible Plus.

The first is to order a SIM with a new phone number, as though subscribing for the first time. I don't know if Visible would accept a phone that is already subscribed to Visible, but if it does, then the SIM could be swapped, and the phone should activate on the new plan. Then I could cancel the Visible account on the old plan, losing that phone number.

The second is to order a new phone. For me that would entail upgrading to 5G, which my current phone does not have. After it arrives, I would cancel the old account.

A third option is to simply wait until Visible fixes the upgrade problems.

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I upgraded to Visible+ on my iPhone 12 on Sep 20th without any issues.       I placed the order for the Visible+ upgrade on the app. I was sent a new SIM card which I received before noon the next day. Made sure my WiFi was connected. Swapped the SIM card. Followed the activation steps on the app not the phone. Re-enabled Autopay. Re-enabled WiFi calling. Restarted the phone. WiFi symbol came right up. Cellular bars took about 2 to 3 mins. 5G UW now shows and my speeds are over twice as fast as I had with 5G Visible unlimited. I refer individuals everyday and assist them if they need help when they sign up.

The Visible app never presented me the option to upgrade to Visible Plus. I was able to switch to the new plan only by buying a new phone, upgrading to 5G capability, on a new account with a new phone number. Then I let the old account expire.

This is exactly what they're wanting you to do! They want us to completely abandon our old accounts forfeiting all of the credits and insurances associated with it saving them millions of dollars and costing us because we will have to purchase a new phone with a new account if we want to continue service! It's a malbusiness practice to get people to purchase phones and not hold them accountable for the insurance money collected or the credits given! It's something that one day they may get sued over!


I have a feeling that there isn't a plan in upper management and development to allow us to upgrade on our current accounts! They want to push us out of our current/old accounts so that away any credits earned or insurance purchased becomes invalid (saving them millions while costing us)! This would force anyone who purchased a phone through visible who currently has replacement insurance on it to either buy a new one or forfeit having insurance on the device with the new account! It's a malicious business practice that will come back to bite them when people start suing over malbusiness practices!