How do I buy a SIM card?

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Using the IMEI number will report the phone is locked or incompatible, which is incorrect. I've run into this with other carriers and a SIM card works.


But visible no longer seems to offer the option of buying a new SIM card.


I refuse to buy a new phone. So what's the solution? Take my business elsewhere? Waste more time with the infuriating chat-bots?



To get around the chat bot, type "live agent".

Thanks! But ordering a SIM card is near impossible it seems.

What did the live agent say when asking to buy a new SIM card? 

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The live agent said that my expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab phone was 'incompatible' with Visible's phone network. I found that ridiculous because the phone is unlocked and I've used it with everyone from T-Mobile to Mint Mobile.

My pleading to just buy a SIM card (because I know it would work) amounted to nothing, with one time the live agent suggesting I was going to use my phone as an Internet 'hotspot.' Outrageous! Suffice it to say I was VERY disappointed with the call.

At this point it seems I'm stuck and can't use Visible or order a SIM card. 😞


Down load an IMEI # generator app. Get an iPhone IMEI# and use that to order the SIM


Same issue for me.  I bought a Visible phone from SWAPPA but still could not get a sim card from Visible.  Live rep was clueless, kept telling me to purchase a new Visible phone.  I think not.


I just spent about an hour in chat with Visible and they are sending me a free physical sim card. I told them that I used the esim to sign up because it was an emergency and I needed a physical sim because I switch phones depending on my work. They said they'd send one and I'd get it in 2-3 days free of charge.