Visible iPhone Unlock Policy


Does anyone know if the Visible iPhone needs the SIM card installed for 60 days straight in order to be unlocked?

I have another iPhone 14 Pro for daily use and this Visible iPhone 13 is kind of like a work phone, I am not sure if I uninstall the SIM after I activate the Visible iPhone with SIM, can it still be unlocked after 60 days?


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I had to edit my reply as I didn't know Visible locked phones but apparently they do. It doesn't say anything about having to be installed for 60 days straight but I would assume that to be active for 60 days the SIM would have to be installed but I might be wrong. I did just purchase a used phone from eBay that was sold by Visible earlier this year to be compatible with the new plans since my current one says it isn't. I haven't switched to one of the new plans yet but have moved my SIM card from my old Motorola phone to the one I just got and I got a message they said "SIM not recognized" but it still connect to the network. It is possible it doesn't have to be installed since my old phone was, and still is, listed on my my account page. I would think you would need to use the phone though to keep it activate or Visible could possibly think it is lost and may not unlock it according to the info I posted below.


What is Visible’s unlocking policy?

Smartphones that you purchase from Visible will be locked for 60 days after activation. After 60 days, we will automatically remove the lock unless we have determined or suspect that the device was lost, stolen, or purchased fraudulently. 

Once the 60 day period following device activation expires, your phone will be unlocked.


How do I know if my device is locked?

Upon inserting a non-Visible SIM, an error message like  "SIM Not Supported" will appear on the screen of locked devices. Each device manufacturer uses a different message, so you can check with a manufacturer to determine the exact language they use.


Keep the line activated in the same phone (device) purchased from Visible.


These lock in policies are there to prevent users from abusing the offers that the carrier provides. I recommend to follow the policy or do at your own risk of bricking the device.

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You won't brick the device... you just won't be able to unlock it.


I bought an iPhone13Pro from Visible and never activated it before I cancelled my service. I went to Google Fi as they work internationally. Visible won't unlock it even after filing an FCC complaint. So I subscribed to Visible again and have been on their network for 4 months and it still isn't unlocked. Waiting on a second FCC complaint. I understand having bells and checks to ensure people aren't doing bad, malicious or inappropriate things but at this point I have a piece of hardware that I paid for in full.. that I can't use the provider I want. 

I am having the same issue with Visible.