Visible website and app are down

Novice III

I cannot get into the website or app. iOS or windows platform. I get a 502 server error. I am on Verizon fios at home and I can go on any other website without issue. Has anyone else had this issue? 

The only way I can get on or the app is thru using visible LTE hotspot, and it is usually too slow to support a chat session. Otherwise I have to wait until the site lets me in. Usually early in the morning, which I am assuming is an overloaded server. Any ideas other than sheer regret?


Novice II

Same here and CS doesn't seem to care. At this point I just want to close my account

I have endured the he’ll for close to a week. The other issue, where my Verizon worked fine? Was the grocery. I lost complete service.  Had to cycle airplane mode and it came back. But the service is not like the Verizon I use to have. 

which plan are you on?

Novice II

I'm getting a 502 server error, using any browser on Windows 11.

"Error: Server Error
The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds."

The way I circumvented this was by using a vpn and connect to another state. It looks like the server is having problems with DNS resolving or just banning my current IP (maybe). I don't know.

There's no problem using the browser or App on my phone using LTE.

I received the same server error on my PC brower(s), and could not log in via the iphone app.  Thanks for the VPN tip.  It worked fine for me. both on the PC, as well as on the phone.

I hope they get the problem fixed soon.


Yes I'm also experiencing a 502 error



I am getting a 502 error. My transfer pin is only good for 10 minutes and so of course, that is lost (again). ARRRGGGGHHHH