Wanted to get promo now told can't and order is "on hold 3-5 days"


Ordered phone on Saturday and was so excited it'd ship yesterday. Come to find out, my yellow pixel 6 pro is now "being reviewed and will have 3-5 business day hold and will be contacted by a specialist"

I just want a p6p, like this is ridiculous. Every time there's an issue with visible, they NEVER contact you. I want my order cancelled so I can go to Verizon and get my phone already. I've been waiting 3+ weeks now, between Google now visible. What the crap. 



If you really want to cancel, then you should reach out to support on social media and see if they can cancel. The old one two of a worldwide pandemic & supply chain issues are making it a little difficult to get some retail items right now. I realize it is frustrating.