Worst MVNO Ever, Nothing but the runaround & Ducking

Visible might as well be called INvisible. Their customer service has yet to answer the chat! Experiencing high call volume, yeah, bull! Your ducking. My first hassle was getting the phone delivered to the address I asked them to. I had to sign for the package and wasted a day waiting for FedEx. Then, I get the phone and try to find a cover for the screen. Not even at BestBuy. That should have been a red flag there. The whole purpose of getting this service was to get a new phone and be done with a phone that I wasn't using ( and probably wouldn't be able to use from the government ACP program, that's a whole other nightmare). I am a software Developer. I need internet access. I would have to pay $20 more per month to do what I could get from Visible for $30. It was all BULL! THE PHONE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY SD CARD, IT KEEPS REFORMATING THE CARD! I HAVE TO HAVE CELLPHONE SERVICE, ESPECIALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF A MOVE OF RESIDENCE! THIS IS THE MOST UN-COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD ANY DEALINGS WITH! TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE! I CALLED US MOBILE AND THEY NEVER SUBMITTED A PORT REQUEST FOR MY NUMBER.