buttons pressing sound during phone call


I have had issues with almost like a bad connection but i am not sure if it is my service. During some calls the persons voice goes in and out.  I cant hear hardly anything they say and it sounds as though  buttons are being pressed during the conversation but they arent.    I have never had this problem before and my husband and my dad do not have the issue and they are both on visible.  Has anyone else encountered this??  HELP! lol!   It isnt with every phone call   that is what is weird


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Bad phone? Does it happen using other provider, if it was a BYOD. Otherwise I’d try swapping SIMs with one of your family as a test.


— Starfox

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Was it happening during times you were calling a landline? I know what you're talking about but it's only something I ever experienced with calling a landline in a rural area.

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You positive your proximity sensor isn't acting up and your face isn't touching the dialpad?