desperate account cant even accept payment shows error


i am severely desperate its been hours an i am only a few hours late and all its giving me is this error when i try to get in account. i work on my phone and simply had to move money. no one will help.  all i get is some error it cant let me see my account.. that its "unavailable" why is it so hard? i also had to create a name. i am barely on WiFi i need help. i am so upset my small laptop keyboard cant even type. no phone

also registering for this is forum is tedious and wont accept bad grammar. i shouldn't even have the problem ๐Ÿ˜ž



I dont understand what you try to accomplish with Visible? There are many questions that arise by reading your post.


Do you want to pay for the service?

Do you complain that you have slow internet speeds with Visible?

Did you miss a payment?

Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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I am having the same problem. I got an email yesterday that it was my final warning to pay my account. I never received the first warning to begin with. I havent missed a payment yet since I started this service until this happened, I normally get an email that the bill is due and didnt receive that this month which is why I didnt pay it yet. so i went into the app to pay and the pay now button is greyed out where i cant pay it and logged in online and get a message in my account overview that "We were unable to process your request. Please try again later." and nothing shows up where I can pay it there either. anyone got any ideas?

I am having the same issue and it is ANNOYING.  I'm about to just switch to another provider.  Good luck!!