Can not purchase IMEI on app (going on 2 days 'payment issue'


I am trying to come over from AT&T.. i have spoken to about 8-12 different support agents that are trying to help but cant.. i have a support ticket opened but they keep telling me 'soon' and that was a day or two ago.


When I get on the app to purchase it says there's a 'payment issue' "Looks like there's an issue with the payment issue you entered" pop up when I'm trying to purchase the plan.. they are saying its an IMEI issue through att (iPhone 14 pro max unlocked) I called my card provider (they said its not bouncing) and I even called ATT and they confirmed nothing is wrong with my IMEI and ATT has done nothing to it... i run out of service with ATT EOD 2/8/24.. 


Has anybody been able to fix this issue or seen it? 

I have done everything.. redownload the app.. make a new account.. multiple cards.. deleted esim then tried to activate..


Chat cant help.. so asking here.. thank you!


Novice III

Did you ever get a solution?


This problem is still ongoing as of today.