eSIM issue finally resolved


Background: Moving my service and number to a new phone (Pixel 4a to Pixel 6a). This is an action that ought to be able to be handled entirely online, but Visible requires human intervention. Well over an hour waiting to get a human on chat (and constantly clicking around the website so that the chat does not disconnect while waiting because of bad software design). Took the representative about 45 minutes to take the various steps to download the eSIM to my new device - and no service.


The representative bailed on me, asking me to take various screenshots to send to Visible over Messenger, with promises that someone who have it fixed by the morning. Of course that did not happen. But I managed to fix it myself, so I thought I'd share what I did to finally having working cell data service.


1. Turn off eSIM.

2. Erase eSIM.

3. Uninstall Visible app.

4. Reinstall Visible app.

5. The Visible app saw the eSIM download hanging out there in cyberspace, downloaded it again.

6. Turn on the eSIM.

7. Reboot the phone.

8. Listen to pings of numerous text messages arriving at my phone. Yay.



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Cool bananas!

Thanks for sharing.


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Tried this, with iPhone 13 Pro Max and still didn’t work

Same.  Did you ever figure it out?  So frustrating.