eSim issues when porting


Ported over number from tmobile via eSim.  The app says my number is now ported, yet I have no service on my phone.  I removed and deleted the tmobile sim/service from my phone, yet nothing.  I have the iphone 13 pro max.  I originally signed up with visible and got a separate number, then did the porting of my tmobile number to my esim if that makes sense.  both numbers are still showing up under cellular service within settings.  Help me out if you can.  tia!



Have you tried some of these basic trouble shooting tips?


If so, you may want to try reaching out to Visible support so they can look behind the scenes and make sure everything is okay.

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Also. It's super confusing because when I initially did the transfer to Visible, the labels were based on the phone numbers (primary was my real phone number-VZW) and secondary was the temp number Visible gave me. Eventually, the visible one showed up in the additional details tab of Settings-->Cellular-->Cellular Plans with the word Visible so I knew which one to remove. After removing you need to physically restart the phone. 

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I had the same experience. Turns out I had enabled Number Lock on my VZW plan. I had tried five times so had to wait 24 hours. Removed lock and then it transferred. It's confusing after Porting is complete. Had to delete my old primary cellular plan on iOS (settings-->cellular). Don't forget to restart the phone after. I then removed the physical SIM (old VZW). Took about five minutes for bars to show up. Good luck.