getting a sim card for a non smart phone


hello i'm purchasing a non smart phone which according to their specs works with verizon's network well. its a Sunbeam Horizon F1 Bluebird. I wanted a phone that basically handles phone and text and some minor apps but no internet is available. The phone uses the basicOS system to run which is not on Visible's site for checking phone. without being able to talk to anyone this seems a little frustrating to get any answers. Does anybody know if this phone can work with Visible? I know it will work with Verizon but i'd rather pay the smaller monthly fee for it.


I think the SIM cards for Visible are meant for smart phones but could be wrong. You would need to contact customer service via chat. To get by the chatbot type agent or live agent.


One thing you need from the phone would be the IMEI number and run it through the compatibility checker. I just don't think they will work. 


If you are looking for a cheap alternative using a non-smartphone then maybe look at something like Consumer Cellular, last I checked they even sell basic flip phones. If you don't plan on using data at all and want unlimited talk and text I think you can get a plan for $20 a month with only 1GB of data for apps which isn't much. There are other MVNO's with $25 plan or less that might use that phone also.


Visible does lack customer service and it is only handled by chat or social media platforms. What makes them appealing is they have single line account that don't cost a fortune and you get truly unlimited data(which is what a lot of people want including me) with no caps.