network upgrade


I'm told to upgrade to a new network, but I don't know how it compares to what I already have. I have the $40 plan with party pay for $25.  The upgrade options are a basic for $25 and a premium for $35.  How do these compare to what I have?  Does party pay apply to these new plans, or is that assumed in the new prices.


Is there any way to connect to a person?






i upgraded from old network, supposed to be $25/mo but when try to pay it says $30/mo.  I tried chat but Connai is no help and cannot switch to another chat person that can assist.  How to get this corrected?

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The party pay plan is similar to the basic plan but you lose international calling and texting, you still get 5G if available, there are no more parties, price once activated is $25. The Visible plus plan gets international calling to 200+ countries, roaming while in Canada and Mexico, 50GB of premium data(not prioritized), 5GUW network if available in your area, price once activated is $35.

If you need to contact customer service you can do that by chat which is the little blue box on your account page on the website, Facebook messenger or Twitter both of those icons can be found bottom right-hand corner of this page. For chat make sure and ask or type live agent.


When I got the email to upgrade, it said I would still pay $25.00.  Now they are charging me 30.  I've tried the chat and can't get past the auto responses. Anyone have a solution?