no cell service


On Saturday I lost cell service on my visible wireless service attempts to reconnect using the troubleshooting within the phone didn't work attempts to contact visible didn't work as I couldn't access the two-party authentication system tests of my area show that the drop is affecting about 1 mile radius around my address I have always had coverage at this address but I am unable to notify or communicate with visible to resolve this issue any ideas


Intermediate III

This is simply a customer to customer support forum with some Visible moderation to keep the peace when hockey fights break out. You can contact Visible via Chat, X (formerly known as Twitter) or Facebook without needing to login. See:

When using Chat request a live agent from the robot repeatedly until the robot give up and directs you to a live agent.

I've personally had better luck at

But be sure to provide all details in the first exchange contact with them on Twitter or Facebook- responses can be delayed and playing 20 questions gets tiresome.