porting in a new phone number

Novice II

Just wanted to mention that if you bring your old phone number with you, apparently you will need to re-do a password and greeting for your voicemail. I am not someone who thumbs through my phone looking at settings and details, so my husband was the one that discovered this. Not a big deal, but it would be a nice piece of information when joining Visible to check the voicemail feature and update.



Any time you move to a new carrier you have to set up your voice mail including greeting and password.

I guess so. I have been a long time AT&T customer, so haven't switched carriers ever! I'm just pointing out the VM issue for those of us that don't do this with any frequency. With no live support, the stronger the troubleshooting and tips are at Visible, the easier it will be for new customers. Hopefully  I will enjoy and appreciate the service and rates at Visible for years to come and won't have to do a switch again anytime soon!