problems with 2 step verification


After activating and porting my number, the phone works fine for calls, texts, and data.  However, when I try to access the app or website, I never get a text or email with the code to enable 2 step verification.  I have been on 2 chats with agents and spent several hours doing their checklists.  Once they override the 2 step verification, I can access my account, but only for 24 hours.  Here is a list of some things I have tried: did a network settings reset on phone, texted "transact" to 67777 (which did respond to me on SMS), erased eSIM and downloaded a new one (while on 24 hour override), tried Texta SMS app instead of Google Messages app, confirmed no emails are going to SPAM folders, confirmed Visible is not a blocked number on my phone.  My wife has the same phone as me (Pixel 6) and her own Visible plan, but does not have these issues.  I would prefer not making chats to Visible as a new part time job.  Has anyone else had this problem and was able to resolve it?  I would like to be able to access my account to check billing and things, without having to get an override each time.  



When in the Visible app, have you verified your cell number at these 3 locations?
Home tab

Account tab

Account tab  -> Edit Profile

When logged in to your account at have you verified under Profile

Your account number is the same as on the app?

Your cell phone number is correct?


Thanks for the reply.  My new ported number does show in the app, when the 2-step has been overridden.  And the 2-step confirms that number is the one they are sending the SMS code to.  I will try to confirm the other locations the next time I contact an agent to get another override.  But even the agents I chat with confirmed my number is correct.  So I am fairly certain the issue is on Visible's end.  

6 weeks later.. I was prompted to upgrade to the new 2 step verification plan.  I was not aware of these problems.  I am having the same problem I only have SOS calling.   I am not able to verify if my phone number is correct in any location the app and the website both jump to begin setup of the 2 step verification.  Neither an email or a SMS text is sent.  Yes I checked spam, etc.  


That’s a bummer. Please keep us updated.

I’m sorry super user “That’s a bummer” doesn’t really gives us newbies confidence or help in fixing this problem.  The digital assistant in the chat has not helped it just repeats itself about the new 2-step that we are suppose to be excited about

Novice II

Good morning , I updated my iPhone to the latest 2 -step verification software.  Don’t do it, it does not work!  I only have SOS calling.  When setting up the 2 step verification the prompt said to enter the code sent by SMS text.  It never arrives.  Of course I checked spam, etc.  The digital assistant is useless 


I signed up for Visible and was sent a defective phone that I had to send back. I am trying to log back into my account to see if they got my return and cancel service. I just signed up with Verizon. Now Visible is enforcing 2 step verification and I no longer have that phone number active as Visible ported my number that I no longer have access to. This has been a very very upsetting process. How can I get into my Visible account?? Is there a phone number I can call? Please help. Thank you