Visible+ eSIM with Local international EU sim card


I was planning on switching over to Visible+ through eSIM. But I travel to various EU countries up to 9 months out of the year for work. 

I was wondering, if I have Visible+ through eSIM, then get a local sim card from an EU country, could I still receive iMessages and texts (I would rarely have to make calls) through my eSIM still. Then use the local sim for all other data options... like internet browsing and streaming.

Specifically, if I am off of WiFi (using the local EU sim) could I still send and receive iMessages and texts and such. 


I am seeing this as an option online and was wondering if it is possible to set up through Visible+. Or am I missing something.



Visible+ plan has one day of international roaming. Then every other day you need to pay $10/ day.

You are clear that you will purchase a local cellular plan for calling and data.


I shall suggest you to enable Wifi calling in US before you leave. Wifi calling is a mobile device setting that is free for both Visible base plan as well as Visible+ plan.

As long as you have Wifi you can do calls and texts from visible number to any US number.


Coming to your iMessage part. iMessage is Apple's proprietary messaging platform for iOS users. So if your interested parties are on iOS/iPhone then you only need internet which is available in the scenario of a local sim with data or through Wifi.


The caveat is if your interested party texts you from US uses Android, then the text messages are sent over SMS then you need Wifi connection to receive it.

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I currently have Visible+ and an EU SIM. The second I stopped using global pass, my MMS stopped working, and they claim that Calls and internet are all that is allowed on Wifi Calling without global pass, and that I cannot use the data from my local SIM to call or text through Visible, only a Wifi source. I am still able to send normal text messages though. I don't know why I'm paying for Visible+ at this point.


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I have Visible+ and an EU SIM. At this point, I don't even know why I'm paying for Visble+. According to their support staff, without global pass, you can only call and use internet via WiFi. I paid for a few days of global pass until I had my local SIM, and the second it was over I stopped being able to send or receive MMS. I am still able to send and receive normal SMS, but only on wifi. It will not use my local SIMs data for anything phone number related at all.