sites broken, numerous mistakes made by visible


The site is down since yesterday. It went down while I was talking to a customer service bot. The bot could not connect me with a representative, and then the site went down. I was trying to get information on the new network change and the free phone since the ads and emails are awfully vague, and that happened. So I went to the visible subreddit. I got a response from another bot. I should mention that both these bots completely disregarding my questions. Anyway, after that bot send me a completely unhelpful and frustrating message, the visible sub reddit went private. And the site is still down. So how exactly do I get in touch with customer service, an actual person who can fix it at least explain all of visible numerous mistakes?


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Preferably use a laptop or desktop for chatting, when in chat type agent or live agent and that will flag a live person and get you around the bot. You can also try Facebook and send them a message, Twitter is another option both of these links can be found in the bottom right corner of this page.


Visible's reddit page is down because one of the mods hijacked it because of a protest that reddit is going to charge 3rd party apps a huge amount of money that are used to access reddit. To me the mods had no right to do this since Visible started the page, the mods are only volunteers and apparently one decided they spoke for everyone that uses the page.


You can still get a hold of support on reddit by clicking this link click more options on the right and send them a message they will respond.


I used FB messenger today and is my preference to get in touch with them as they respond within a few minutes.