transfer iphone XR esim to iphone 14 pro 2023


Hello, today I plan to purchase an iphone 14 pro. I have an XR and am using an esim for my exisiting Visible account. Posts in September 2022 indicated problems with transfers. Are the issues resolved? Can I transfer my XR esim to a new iphone 14 pro?  Thanks


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I found this for you. This is from a search on the help page. If you have any issues you would need to contact customer service and I would recommend Facebook messenger as I have had faster responses than chat. 


If you are an existing member, it’s easy to transfer your service to a new phone with eSIM or switch to eSIM on your current device. Just follow these steps:

1.  MAKE SURE your eSIM-compatible device is connected to WiFi, updated with the latest software (iOS or Android), and fully charged

2. DOWNLOAD, OPEN, and LOGIN to the Visible App on your eSIM-compatible device

3. NAVIGATE to “Your Devices” and scroll down to "Switching phones is SIMple" then click on “Switch Now”

4. FOLLOW the on-screen instructions to transfer your SIM

IMPORTANT: Before we begin your transfer, an authentication code will be sent to your Visible number via SMS and your email address on file. Please make sure you have access to both during this process, and keep in mind that you may need to check your spam folder.


Last Updated date: Dec 28, 2022