Using Visible While In Italy


I am having trouble finding information on the charges if I take and use a Visible Phone while in Italy.  I find that there are 500 minutes of calls and unlimited texts calling to Italy.  I find nothing to confirm if there is a roaming charge or other costs to actually call or text from Italy.  Can anyone help?



You can only call the US while in Canada or Mexico and provided you are on the plus plan, there are no other countries you can call from. Some have mentioned you can use Wi-Fi calling while abroad, you have to make sure it is working and have it on when you leave the US. If you need cellular while in Italy then you would need to buy a temporary SIM that can be used in Italy. 

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International roaming is offered as part of the Visible+ plan; however, talk, text and unlimited data are only offered in Canada and Mexico.

You can utilize WiFi calling or swap out your Visible SIM for a local SIM (provided your phone is unlocked) when traveling internationally and in need of mobile service.