upgrade aftermath


after required upgrade huge reduction in DL speed and will not connect to internet. Which is sole purpose for this account. How do I get actual support to resove this issue? Or perhaps better what will I have to do to get code to port out?


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To get a hold of support on your account page click the little blue box in the bottom righthand corner, that will open the dialog box, type agent or live agent or you will be talking to a robot. Before you contact them try to reset the network. If that doesn't work then ask a customer service agent to reset or re-provision your SIM. You can also get a hold of CS on Facebook messenger or Twitter, both icons/links can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page. You can also message them on their Reddit page.


If you are planning on porting out search for port out procedure on the visible.com help page. I think you need to contact customer care for a port out PIN but not sure.


For getting your account number and having your port out PIN e-mailed to you, you can get it and do so from this page when logged in: https://www.visible.com/account/profile

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When logged into your Visible App go to your "account" tab. Directly under your name and account number is an option "request port-out PIN".