visible is a SCAM


I purchased iphone13 from visible for their $200 gift card promotion last month and till today they still cannot port in my number and they keep telling me "port could not be completed because your old service provider has indicated that this number is pending to port with another carrier. Please contact your current service provider for further assistance" but I did not request to transfer to any carrier other than visible.

Then I contacted Mint and they told me there is nothing wrong with my number. So Mint tells me to ask Visible and Visible tells me to ask Mint. I've been talking with Mint and Visible customer support every day since last month but still got no result. It truly was mental abuse and I truly felt mentally abused because they kept telling me this number is pending to port with another fking unknown carrier.


Now this iPhone will keep locked and I will never receive my $200 until 60 days after activation and I cannot use any other SIM card on this phone. And I cannot call&text because this SIM is not activated. 

When I finally realized it was a scam to sell new phones and that my number would never port I asked them for a refund. They Claim because it was past 14 days they would not refund the phone.



I have a Pixel and just changed from Verizon.  Rec'd SIM, downloaded app, got set up and same # started working almost immediately on Visible.  I'll have to check with Verizon in a few days to make sure they received a notice of the change from Visible (Visible claims they will take care of this, but...)
Sorry you are having such issues, but so far, so good with mine.

Novice III

I got my wife her iPhone 13 from Visible two weeks ago. It arrived just fine and I was able to port her number right over. I wonder if there was an error in the account number used to port the number. Very strange. 

Novice II

Sometimes quirky things happen at Visible.  On one phone that I tried to switch over, Visible's system wouldn't recognize the imei #.  It took hours on chat (and several different representatives) to get it resolved, and they had to use some creativity to make it work.  With other same model phones, I had no problem.

The reality is, that if you encounter a problem, you may also be on chat for hours. If you have no problems, Visible gives the best rate and has a strong hotspot.  If Verizon gets solid coverage in your area, then Visible will work well for you. 


I agree that Invisible is a SCAM!  I purchased a new smartphone and sim card from Invisible.  The company corrupted my new sim card and further corrupted my current phone number during the attempted transfer to the new phone.  Needless to say, I was without a phone for 10 days and needed a new phone number.  My old number was corrupted so bad that it can never be recycled.  Verizon is going to pay dearly for my inconvenience.  The lawsuit has been filed and may be certified as a class-action as others have had the same effect.  I will never use or recommend any Verizon product or service, again.


visible is a scam I've been waiting for 2 weeks to get my text messaging working I have every screenshot I have every message on Facebook recorded these guys are liars they never email you these guys every single time I ask for customer help nine times nine different agents they try to take my money $25 they try to charge my account I have everything I'm ready for a class action lawsuit I can't get into nothing I've lost so much money trying to close out all my accounts and change passwords and two step verifications that this f****** company has put me through and they won't even Port my number out let's Sue these mothers let's sue them class action