Bought iphone 14 pro, ported and kept old number - guide and steps

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Many noticed that if you complete the purchase of an iphone 14 , (this doesn't happen with an iphone 13 for example) you are not given the option to port your number. Don't worry.... complete the purchase with the visible new number...  doesn't matter what number is assigned to you. 


You will receive your phone... load the app. You will need to complete the activation with the new phone number you don't want... load the esim etc... once this is completed, you can then go back into the app and there will be a link under the phone number to port another number in. Follow the steps, it took less than 5 minutes for a verizon to visible port. On a saturday afternoon. 


Here is my experience: I noticed the eSim on the iphone even after rebooting still had the unwanted phone number. This is after a "Sucess, Porting Complete" message .... which made me think maybe the eSim doesn't update dynamically... maybe it does. Well I impulsively deleted it... 


I deleted the eSim. Rebooted.


Went back into the app, and selected "transfer my service" to this phone. It will ask you for the IMEIEEI whatever. Choose either the first or second....your iphone 14 pro has two...  It will want to send you via text message a verification code... this is where I have my ohhh ***** moment. How is this text message going to arrive in order for me to create the new eSim based on my ported number? Well they haven't updated the app yet. It text messages and EMAILS you the code... I noticed this after spending like 2 hours waiting for a chat and upset ... just open up your email, you'll see the verification code there are well. Copy and paste it... the app creates the new esim in moments with your ported number. I was quite impressed once I realized that they emailed the verification code just in case. 



Is this working as i was thinking to port my number to visible with iphone 14 pro offer.



I have order iphone 14 pro max and want to use my existing number which i will port to visible, but as you said we have to order the iphone with new visible number. How to go forward i am bit confused what you said above. 



I made an account just to thank you! 

I'm surprised the Visible doesn't handle this well - porting a number. I had a few snags along the way

- first I activated with the disposable # they gave me - it took 20 to 30 mins and a few tries

- then I ported my number from AT&T - that took 5 minutes - I had to click the "transfer your existing phone number" link

- after I got an email that said my number ported, I thought I was done. No signal. I walked around the block trying to get signal 

- I realized you have to click the "Switch now" button - and took another 5 to 10 mins to go through the activation process with my old number

- then it still didn't work - and I realized the disposable # was still primary in the eSIM - so I deleted it

- at this point I got service. The 5G data worked, but not phone calls?! I was getting a "this number has restrictions code 818" message

- I reset network settings

- a few minutes later my phone was working too


Overall took me 2 hours to move my # from AT&T Prepaid to Visible.


I bought iPhone 14 pro and had the same issue that i got a new number but did not know how to port the older one.

1. Set up the provided number (new) after following the instructions on visible app.

2. An icon will appear in home section of app to transfer your existing number.

3. After porting your number, you need to click on "switch now" and provide IMEI and follow the instructions (you might receive OTP too which will be sent on your phone as well as email) and the ported number will be set up similar to first time. (This got stuck for me but after around an hour i automatically received the network.)

4. You will see the network, if not restart and check. The temp number will automatically be deleted.
I hope this helps 🙂


Thank you for posting this. I was having the same issue and obviously the transfer instructions are pretty much pointless.