Great start to the year so far!


I've been looking to switch to Visible for some time now and I finally did it. I was on a different carrier for over 10 years, but the struggle to get good network speeds or good signal in my house was a joke. I was paying over $100/month for the top tier plan and the latest phone and yet still the weakest signal and speeds. All that with 2 towers that are 5G UC within a mile of my house. After doing troubleshooting and no solutions I was fed up.


The switch was seamless and transparent for me. I ported my number on Sunday and received the SIM yesterday (1/17/23). As soon as I popped it in my phone and restarted it, that was all it took. I have FULL bars everywhere in my house. Oh and the network speed? Wow. I didn't know that it could be that fast. Maybe it's my location, but I have over 150% more network speeds than I ever did in the past. During peak times my download speeds with Visible are around 200Mbs on average indoors. With my old provider I could get barely 5-10 Mbs. My uploads with Visible are around 25 Mbs averaged compared to maybe 2Mbs on a good day with my previous service. Visible or Verizon also has 2 towers within a couple of miles from my house. 


Needless to say, I am blown away how much more performance the network has. I am now paying over 50% less than I was paying for before while using the same phone from my previous carrier. 




Intermediate II

I came directly from Verizon because of the pricing!  I had the cheapest voice & data plan possible with V, and my bill (single line) bill hovered around $80.  Once I finally got my Visible account activated, I have more bars now, on the $30 plan, than I ever had with V!  I’m happy I did it!

Intermediate II

It's a no-brainer to switch from Verizon to Visible for me as well!