Just awful customer service! It couldn’t be worse!

Novice II

After upgrading to the Visible+ plan for $45 a month I dealt with chaos! Their employees are the most unhelpful customer service representatives I’ve dealt with. They are extremely useless!  When activating the new SIM I was shipped it took 3.5 hours and multiple conversations with their not so good live chat via the app to regain service! To make matters worse once I finally was able to get my wireless cellular service back and could receive text and call out I realized instead of the premium data I upgraded to I had no data! I spent another four hours dealing with their useless customer service agents via their app and finally I got my data back working.. then the next morning I realize I’m only able to make outgoing calls and everyone who tries to call me goes directly to voicemail and receives a greeting informing them that the voicemail has not been set up and they can’t leave a message. I’ll have you know the voicemail was set up and all my calls are going directly to voicemail and not allowing my callers to leave messages.

I spent half the next morning trying to get these people to understand the issue and to resolve it and neither one were accomplished. In the end I decided to port my number to Mint mobile wireless. 
I was promised callbacks and never received any contact with any manager. I was promise for over a day that someone would reach out to me and fix the issues. I personally feel this was all lies because it never happened. Now I have to wait for the upgrade charge to settle on my credit card to dispute the transaction. 
Visible wireless has some of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my entire existence! It seems they find the bottom of the barrel employees and don’t give them the tools are the training necessary to fix any issue. I found them to be argumentative and ignorant! They are dishonest and dismissive. 
I would advise anyone thinking about staying with this company or coming to this company to really consider the many other great options there are. There are many other Verizon resellers that you can actually call people on the phone when there’s an issue. Verizon just recently bought the company that ran Net 10 and TracFone, Straight Talk and Family Mobile just to name a few.. There’s also US mobile. Any of these companies are much better than Visible!

From my experience Visible is hit or miss. If you’re lucky and everything goes smooth it’s a very great fordable option. However the moment you have an issue, and you will, they are a nightmare to deal with! They will lie to you and they will assure you that they will fix everything but most likely they won’t! They seem to not have the talent or the training to resolve anything other than asking you to reset your phone and reset your network settings and to take your Sim card out and put it back in! That’s about all they’re gonna help you with. They may push you a little to start drinking or get high after dealing with them. 
it’s truly not worth the savings to have to deal with their BS! I truly feel this company engages in bait and switch because I definitely didn’t receive premium service and they couldn’t even get my service back to work in the way it was before I upgraded.

no one ever called me and after I poured it away they emailed me and alleged they called my other phone number which they didn’t. Good luck!

There is a high cost to this low cost phone service. That my friends is your personal time and your sanity when trying to get them to fix anything. In my opinion they’re not a decent honest company who looks out for the consumer. 

I will be filing a report with the attorney general as well as the FCC and the federal trade commission and I recommend anyone that has issues with this company to please contact your local Attorney General and complain so these people will be forced to be compliant and stop cheating people. They are aware of all of these problems and they are doing a little to nothing to fix them because they are prepaid and they’ve already gotten paid so they don’t care!

please don’t waste your time with the Better Business Bureau make your complaints heard!



Sadly I agree the customer service needs a huge help They need to not go back to step one when its your 4th 2nd 3rd time of chatting in.  I really wish Visible would listen to the customer!

I’ve been trying for 4 days with their “expert” help to transfer my iPhone sim to esim but can’t get on my devices to do that. It’s awful. 


This is day 6 that I am without a line. They fixed it yesterday after 9 hours of emailing back and forth and the dev team 'broke' it again during the night. I am currently looking into the other options in the market. Absolutely appalling....

Novice II

I had the exact same issue when I upgraded my plan and installed the new sim. I could make outgoing calls, but incoming went right to a message about the voicemail not being set up. After five days of useless chats, I also jumped ship and went to Mint Mobile. Thankfully, the entire process, including porting my number, only took about 10 minutes, then I was up and running.

Novice II

I must have spent an hour or two texting back and forth with one representative just the other night over the fact that there is no outgoing caller ID yet people on the forums specifically talking about the very same topic. 


I got so frustrated I wanted to cancel my service which had only been on for about 12 hours or less and they tried to tell me they wouldn't give me my $10 payment back. Try telling me I used way too much data and told me it was like well over half a gig. I'm not your typical cell phone user. I rarely make phone calls, I rarely even get on the internet to surf and I've never ever streamed a video or music or anything like that in my lifetime because that's just not the way I use my phone.


So now I'm in search of a provider that actually has a working outgoing caller ID service and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


in my opinion that is a absolutely unreasonable reason to leave Visible!! Let me explain why. No prepaid service will give you what you want. I've had them all. None do that. That is just a limitation of prepaid phone service.

I don't consider visible to be prepaid. Prepaid to me is when you go to Walmart and pick up a prepaid card from a company like straight talk


prepaid is defined as a phone company that doesn't require a contract.  That is Visible, Straight talk, Cricket, Metro PCS ETC.


I also just posted about this. Very sad.

Novice III

I’m on day 6 of no incoming calls. It worked for about half a day at one point but the issue returned. I received an email from Visible yesterday stating it should be fixed but it certainly has not. 

Novice II

So happy to have reached this forum. I guess I will abstain from the service. Trying the trial right now. From the beginning I haven’t been able to successfully reach customer service OR chat.


it seems they are expecting the “community” to provide customer service. 

how do I end the trial?


has anyone had a good experience? It doesn’t seem so…

Just delete the trial eSIM.  The trial will end automatically after 15 days


100% agree.    I had all the same stuff happen to me.   They do lie and argue and make you jump through hoops and ask you questions that they should already know just to seem like they are doing something.   "May I ask your address?"    It's a sham.