Just awful customer service! It couldn’t be worse!

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After upgrading to the Visible+ plan for $45 a month I dealt with chaos! Their employees are the most unhelpful customer service representatives I’ve dealt with. They are extremely useless!  When activating the new SIM I was shipped it took 3.5 hours and multiple conversations with their not so good live chat via the app to regain service! To make matters worse once I finally was able to get my wireless cellular service back and could receive text and call out I realized instead of the premium data I upgraded to I had no data! I spent another four hours dealing with their useless customer service agents via their app and finally I got my data back working.. then the next morning I realize I’m only able to make outgoing calls and everyone who tries to call me goes directly to voicemail and receives a greeting informing them that the voicemail has not been set up and they can’t leave a message. I’ll have you know the voicemail was set up and all my calls are going directly to voicemail and not allowing my callers to leave messages.

I spent half the next morning trying to get these people to understand the issue and to resolve it and neither one were accomplished. In the end I decided to port my number to Mint mobile wireless. 
I was promised callbacks and never received any contact with any manager. I was promise for over a day that someone would reach out to me and fix the issues. I personally feel this was all lies because it never happened. Now I have to wait for the upgrade charge to settle on my credit card to dispute the transaction. 
Visible wireless has some of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my entire existence! It seems they find the bottom of the barrel employees and don’t give them the tools are the training necessary to fix any issue. I found them to be argumentative and ignorant! They are dishonest and dismissive. 
I would advise anyone thinking about staying with this company or coming to this company to really consider the many other great options there are. There are many other Verizon resellers that you can actually call people on the phone when there’s an issue. Verizon just recently bought the company that ran Net 10 and TracFone, Straight Talk and Family Mobile just to name a few.. There’s also US mobile. Any of these companies are much better than Visible!

From my experience Visible is hit or miss. If you’re lucky and everything goes smooth it’s a very great fordable option. However the moment you have an issue, and you will, they are a nightmare to deal with! They will lie to you and they will assure you that they will fix everything but most likely they won’t! They seem to not have the talent or the training to resolve anything other than asking you to reset your phone and reset your network settings and to take your Sim card out and put it back in! That’s about all they’re gonna help you with. They may push you a little to start drinking or get high after dealing with them. 
it’s truly not worth the savings to have to deal with their BS! I truly feel this company engages in bait and switch because I definitely didn’t receive premium service and they couldn’t even get my service back to work in the way it was before I upgraded.

no one ever called me and after I poured it away they emailed me and alleged they called my other phone number which they didn’t. Good luck!

There is a high cost to this low cost phone service. That my friends is your personal time and your sanity when trying to get them to fix anything. In my opinion they’re not a decent honest company who looks out for the consumer. 

I will be filing a report with the attorney general as well as the FCC and the federal trade commission and I recommend anyone that has issues with this company to please contact your local Attorney General and complain so these people will be forced to be compliant and stop cheating people. They are aware of all of these problems and they are doing a little to nothing to fix them because they are prepaid and they’ve already gotten paid so they don’t care!

please don’t waste your time with the Better Business Bureau make your complaints heard!


Sadly I agree the customer service needs a huge help They need to not go back to step one when its your 4th 2nd 3rd time of chatting in.  I really wish Visible would listen to the customer!

I’ve been trying for 4 days with their “expert” help to transfer my iPhone sim to esim but can’t get on my devices to do that. It’s awful. 

The Visible rep also tried to get me to switch to an eSIM... but I had already read complaints regarding that approach. Visible is a joke - consumers need to be adequately warned.

If you truly want to keep Visible’s crap service and are having issues with your iPhone not recognizing your Visible eSIM the workaround is to insert a “dummy” pSIM (physical) into your phone as well.  Don’t ask me why this works but it does.  Visible will tell you not to do this and to remove the pSIM but it was the only way that u could get eSIM to be constantly recognized and not keep disrupting my service and having to start over.


This is day 6 that I am without a line. They fixed it yesterday after 9 hours of emailing back and forth and the dev team 'broke' it again during the night. I am currently looking into the other options in the market. Absolutely appalling....

Novice II

I had the exact same issue when I upgraded my plan and installed the new sim. I could make outgoing calls, but incoming went right to a message about the voicemail not being set up. After five days of useless chats, I also jumped ship and went to Mint Mobile. Thankfully, the entire process, including porting my number, only took about 10 minutes, then I was up and running.

Novice II

I must have spent an hour or two texting back and forth with one representative just the other night over the fact that there is no outgoing caller ID yet people on the forums specifically talking about the very same topic. 


I got so frustrated I wanted to cancel my service which had only been on for about 12 hours or less and they tried to tell me they wouldn't give me my $10 payment back. Try telling me I used way too much data and told me it was like well over half a gig. I'm not your typical cell phone user. I rarely make phone calls, I rarely even get on the internet to surf and I've never ever streamed a video or music or anything like that in my lifetime because that's just not the way I use my phone.


So now I'm in search of a provider that actually has a working outgoing caller ID service and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Sorry to read about your problems. I have tried all week to get my service working... still with no success. When I ask if I can just port to another company, the Visible rep ignores my question.  

If you have access to your Visible online account and can request a Port Out Pin via their site under Profile or in the Visible App. After you receive that PIN number you should be able to start the process of porting to another carrier. You'll just need to provide your Visible account info and the PIN provided. There is also the option of calling your current providers porting department and seeing if they can help resolve the issue or re-activate your old account with that provider.   Good luck!

I have never successfully ported to Visible. The current problem is Visible can not process my credit card payment even though the credit card company approved the transaction. While talking to T-Mobile about the problems porting to Visible, T-Mobile offered to bring me back as their customer. I just put my T-Mobile SIM card back in my phone and I have service as well as the ability to speak to a person by calling "611" anytime. 

I wasted an entire week dealing Visible with no service. The latest problem is Visible can not process my credit card payment. I checked with my credit card company and they confirmed that the transactions were approved by them and that the problem was with Visible. (A Visible rep had already confessed to me that they know their app has a problem with payments.) Customers should not see or be expected to correct Visible's processing problems. T-Mobile has rescinded their recent policy change regarding payment with credit cards (evidently numerous customers complained) and I went back to T-Mobile. I pay $27.50 for unlimited calls, texts and data and I know I can dial "611" anytime and speak to an actual person. Mint Mobile also has cheaper plans and their customers seem happy.

in my opinion that is a absolutely unreasonable reason to leave Visible!! Let me explain why. No prepaid service will give you what you want. I've had them all. None do that. That is just a limitation of prepaid phone service.

I don't consider visible to be prepaid. Prepaid to me is when you go to Walmart and pick up a prepaid card from a company like straight talk

Prepaid is when you pay for service in advance, which is EXACTLY what Visible customers do. LOL! 🙂 It does not matter what you feel, all that matters is what it is and it is PRE-PAID, Hello!

prepaid is defined as a phone company that doesn't require a contract.  That is Visible, Straight talk, Cricket, Metro PCS ETC.


I also just posted about this. Very sad.

Novice III

I’m on day 6 of no incoming calls. It worked for about half a day at one point but the issue returned. I received an email from Visible yesterday stating it should be fixed but it certainly has not. 

I also spent an entire week dealing with one problem after another with Visible. There is no guarantee that the consumer will not face additional problems in the future and the only help provided by Visible is to chat with their reps if you can reach them. T-Mobile rescinded the recent change regarding credit cards and I returned to them for service. Life is much easier being able to call "611" and speak to a person. I also pay $27.50 for unlimited calls, texts and data.

Novice II

So happy to have reached this forum. I guess I will abstain from the service. Trying the trial right now. From the beginning I haven’t been able to successfully reach customer service OR chat.


it seems they are expecting the “community” to provide customer service. 

how do I end the trial?


has anyone had a good experience? It doesn’t seem so…

Just delete the trial eSIM.  The trial will end automatically after 15 days

I had one nightmare after another for a week trying to port my service to Visible. I am so sorry that I selected this company - it is a joke. Every problem people have written about here I have experienced. The Visible customer service reps are pretty useless - they seem to be reading off the same instruction sheet and giving incorrect information.


100% agree.    I had all the same stuff happen to me.   They do lie and argue and make you jump through hoops and ask you questions that they should already know just to seem like they are doing something.   "May I ask your address?"    It's a sham.  

Novice III

Switching to Visible was a huge mistake...


After T-Mobile took away the "auto-pay discount" if you used a credit card, I tried to switch to Visible. I knew it would not be great by the lack of customer service provided however after a week of dealing with Visible, I can truly say that this is one of the worst company to deal with.


My problem started when I requested a physical SIM card. I was promised I would receive it the next day but two days later it had not arrived. Tracking on FedEx indicated that the shipping address was incomplete. After I verified on the Visible website that my address was complete and correct, I contacted customer service. I wasted time with ConnAI, their AI robot who was useless, but eventually reached a person. I explained the problem and shared the FedEx message and the Visible rep indicated he would send me a new SIM card. He assured me I would receive it the next day and that I would not have any more problem.


The next day arrived... but no SIM card. Again checking with FedEx I saw the same error message regarding an incomplete address. I called FedEx and they told me that the shipping address was missing the unit number. (I live in a building with 120 other condos...) FedEx also told me that I could not change the shipping address - only the SHIPPER (Visible) could change the address.


I again contacted Visible... went through the annoying ConnAI and eventually reached a person. I explained the situation to the Visible rep but clearly the rep was not comprehending the problem. She verified that my address was correct on the Visible website, something I have already done. She then told me to call FedEx even though I reminded her that I (recipient) was not allowed to change the shipping address. She then told me to file a claim - again an action that only the SHIPPER can do. Finally, she suggested to send a third SIM which I declined, telling her that it would most like generate the same problem (incomplete address) as the previous two shipments had done. I finally gave up with her.


Later I tried a fourth time to address this problem. Even though I clearly provided all pertinent information: (1) my address was correct on the Visible website, (2) two shipments from FedEx were not delivered because of an incomplete address, (3) I, as the recipient, can not change the FedEx shipping address - only the SHIPPER can change the address, (4) I, as the recipient, can not file a claim with FedEx - only the SHIPPER can file a claim... I even provided that the FedEx rep told me that the address was missing the unit number... Still the Visible rep told me the exact same things as the previous people; that I should call FedEx and I should file a claim. He even argued with me telling me I was wrong that that filing a claim was part of FedEx's customer service. I had to point out to him that the SHIPPER is also a customer and invited him to try it himself. Naturally he did not do this.


Visible is just not worth it...

Latest problem with Visible... they can not process my credit card payment. I called my credit card company who confirmed that they received the transactions and approved the transactions so the problem is clearly with Visible. Furthermore, a Visible rep had already confessed to me that they know there is a problem with their app and payments. T-Mobile has rescinded their recent change regarding credit card payments and is assisting me in returning as their customer. It sure is nice being able to call "611" and speak to an actual person. 

Speak for yourself.  Visible is absolutely worth it.  If you can do e-sim do that you will have no issue.

I am speaking for myself... and if you read through the complaints you will also see that people reported problems with eSIM... If a company can not deliver a SIM card and will not bother to correct their problem, that does not sound like a company concerned about customer service. I have to right to complain and I don't need you to interfere with my rights. 

Furthermore... not every phone can use a eSIM... 

  1. Speak for yourself. You do not know what experience someone else had. And eSim accounts can also have issue if not provisioned properly by the Visible agents. I've had issues with both. The worst part is their Customer Service is horrible!!! 

m an actual customer and your poor attitude will not make others willing to help you I suspect.  You have a right to be upset however your attitude is poor.

Novice III

Visible is a joke... Days and days of problems trying to port and activate my phone. I regret leaving T-Mobile. After following the instructions to activate service, I was unsuccessful. Chatting with the Visible rep, he confessed that the app "has a payment problem" and has now told me to delete the app, wait an hour and try again. Really? So Visible knows there is a problem with their app but they have not fixed it nor are they warning new customers. Another example of poor customer service. With T-Mobile, I had instant service.


As for "phoneman2021"... I do not need your opinions or your evaluation of my attitude. As far as I am concerned, Visible is a poorly run company with little to no customer service and I will continue to share my experience everywhere so that other consumers are fully warned of the possible problems they may encounter. 

I see the same thing on Visible's Reddit page, you see about 10 to 20 complaints to maybe one appraisal of Visible. If everyone posted their positive thoughts about Visible I think it would be at least 5000 to every one complaint. I am one of those that thinks Visible is a great carrier that saves me money and no other carrier can provide what they do and that is truly unlimited data. There isn't a carrier out there that actually stands behind their claim of unlimited data, they all have fine print that caps it after a low amount of GB used.


To each his own and there are a lot of other carriers out there that will gladly take your money. Good luck with them and hope you find the end of the rainbow!

I went back to T-Mobile after they rescinded their recent change regarding credit card payments. After a week, I was never able to successfully get service with Visible. I pay $27.50 for unlimited calls, texts and data and I can dial "611" anytime and speak to a person. That is value to me.

Novice III

So sorry to read about your problems... I am experiencing the same chaos. Visible seems to be unable to do any correctly. I have spent a week trying to port my service with number "chats" with the Visible reps. They do not listen and they give out incorrect information. Today the Visible rep admitted that the is a known problem with app regarding payment. I left T-Mobile because they changed their policy regarding payment with credit cards - now I really wish I had accept their change. Ironically, I really rarely use my cell phone service and have it just to use WhatsApp. The aggravation with Visible is not worth it. I hope that Mint Mobile treats you better.


Just to confirm they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced .. spent the last 90 minutes talking to two incompetent agents who couldn’t add an apt number to an address , which their ridiculous website wouldn’t allow me to enter in the first place! 

Novice III

I know it is frustrating... I had the same problem. FedEx could not deliver my physical SIM card because they needed my unit number. Adding to the frustration is the fact that my address is correct on my Visible website profile so Visible had this information but there is some kind of problem between Visible and FedEx. Visible refused to contact FedEx to provide this information even though FedEx  indicated only the shipper (Visible) could modify shipping addresses. Another problem is that there does not appear to be a way to check your credit card number on their app so you can not verify it for accuracy. After a week of this nonsense, I left Visible. Many people are happy with Mint Mobile.

Consumers need to file their complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as the messages here are hidden and modified. It appears that Visible won't answer the complaints on BBB but these problems is still collected and permanently documented for consumers.


I have had the same awful customer experience with Visible. It takes hours and hours of chatting over several days with their support agents to activate a phone. Not worth the money saved by using Visible.

Literally the worst customer service ever. Even 2000 era AT&T was better lol. The reps will straight up LIE to you about how to send your phone in. They told me I needed to drive from TN to Indiana to a small airport to send it in LOL! They stole over $35 from me and there response was "sorry for the inconvenience"