WarmHeart here! Hello everyone! My first day with Visible!


Hi fellow "Visibilers" --smile! Just joined today! Very happy to be here and meet everyone!


My name comes from "what we do"! Yes, sounds "corny" doesn't it! But we really are that way for one good reason: If others all did as we do (or attempt to do, always), then zero wars, hunger, greed, torture, abuse, theft, brutality, and taking! ---- An example we use is this simple one: Imagine if Stealing Was OK for me (us) to do! Ah, but when we are elsewhere STEALING FROM ANOTHER, then SOMEONE ELSE MAY BE STEALING FROMUS, HERE!  === Very Counterproductive! Just A Time & Other Resource Waster! ----- But Imagine, instead that no one steals, ever but instead "One's Neighbor", Workmate, Relative, etc., All Watched Out For Me, You & Everyone They Could.  RESULT WOULD BE FAR BETTER THAN "No Thefts"! But imagine if/when someone (or me/us) saw another needing a hand or just some help in any way. WOW, what that person might not be able to accomplish at all, or with great difficulty, ACCOMPLISHED That & More! ---- SOON The World Would Be In Great Shape & EVOLVING Into Far More Advanced "Levels Of Being". Man would evolve into a far better/greater species than he ever has! 


Yes, All So Simple! All problems quickly become solutions! 

THAT IS WHY WE "Are As We Are"!  ---- Everyone is more than welcome to join our purpose! -- You will reap great rewards as you too BETTER THE WORLD!


Yes, "We Sound Crazy" but have been that way for many decades and help others become so too!




Hi WarmHeart,


Welcome to Visible.