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2-Days and counting

Novice II

Been waiting multiple days for help.  Currently in my 10th chat session with a promised call but still no one has called me.  Seriously, how does anyone get help?  Ref id zero three two three three six five six


Novice II

Does th supervisor John really exist or is it like a tactic? 

First lets start with what is your issue?  We will attempt to help.  Second chat in ask for a call from a supervisor.

First, I've been working a voicemail issue where I can't receive emails for six months.  Since visible began working the issue 2 days ago now I can't even receive calls.  Worse is I've been waiting on a supervisor to call and help for 18hrs and 10 chats.  Nothing.  Ignored.  Unvalued.  

Seriously.  I think the chats are robo because I've been waiting nearly 24hrs

Hi, first I can assure the chats aren't robots.  I used it just the other day and received a call back.  I wouldn't reference the other chats.  Just simply ask for a call from a supervisor.

"Simply" I asked for a supervisor call each chat...two days and no call.  Come on.  What would you do at this point?   This is my frustration.  If I got a call and my issue was resolved in a timely fashion I wouldn't be on this thread.  I even set up a call window and was ignored.  

Seriously.  Who do you elevate to when you're ignored for days?  How do you get to a resolution if there's no communication? 

I was justed dropped from another chat where they said 30 mins hours ago.  Is there an address I can send these logs to like an executive team? I want to help the next unfortunate soul so they don't have to deal with this level of pain. 

I would try messaging one of the community managers. Maybe they can assist. I would be frustrated as well.

I would try the Twitter DM before I would chat again.


You could try contacting MVNOResearch, who hangs out on the Reddit Visible board: