Any improvements on NEW NETWORK ?

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Any reason to upgrade to NEW NETWORK ? What improvements ?


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I did post to your reply in the other thread but will post it here also.


I am not up on the tech but from what I read it was cloud based to the new plans being on the Verizon core system, whatever that is.


The improvement I have saw is slightly faster data speeds, I'm on 4G LTE(no 5G within 150 miles) and my data speeds went from maybe around 20Mbps average(15 during the day to maybe mid 20's in the later hours) to most readings now in the mid 30 range, with one reading today over 40Mbps. Upload speeds about the same which range from .5 to 10Mbps with most reading around 6Mbps. Ping went from about 100 average to now they are 40ms or less. 

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I have a different experience. Across the board my data speeds are horrible. Regardless of the time of day and my location around our city. The network is so slow at times it won’t support loading a basic web page. Voice calling is even jittery. I’ve been on with support multiple times, reset and reinstalled eSIM’s so many times I’ve lost count. The best speed I can get now is around 5 Mbps and it drops down to less than 500 kbps often. I routinely had 5G coverage before and now rarely get more than 2 bars of LTE. In our area the ‘New Network’ is so poor I wished I had never even tried following their guidance to change. I’ve even asked to be switched back. However, that isn’t something they want to do. Beware - Your experience is just as likely to be bad than good.