Apple Watch without family setup


Hello, I understand the $5/month plan for a watch is as a connected device sharing the iPhone number. Since Visible does not support family setup is there anyway to pay full monthly service price for the watch and let it have its own number and be its own device?



I dont quite follow your question, with visible you need to have a mobile device connection as primary. In addition to that you could add Apple Watch with $5/month with GSM LTE connection. (Note there are two versions of Apple Watch one with GPS only option and another with GSM+GPS option). 


The $5/month plan is for GSM+GPS option watch. Where we can use the watch to call, text without the iPhone nearby. For the GPS only watches you can call, text but you should have the iPhone nearby because those calls, texts piggyback on your iPhone service.


So to my knowledge, visible doesnt have option to support Apple watches as primary, so you need to have an account with visible for mobile plan and watch is additional.

Hope it answers your question.


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I posted a work-around in another post here but it requires getting a Verizon account for the watch, and a Visible account for the Parent's iPhone.  Seems to work ok so far.

But it costs $14.82 per month ($10/mo + taxes) and a $50 something setup fee, sigh.